Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 74 JSS-Tripler Review: Tripler Expiration?

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74 Days ago I purchased my first 10 JSS-Tripler positions.  The total cost was 100 dollars. Everyday in that time period, I have been paid 20 cent a day for each position 2% of the 10 dollar purchase price. I have added pics from my back office of the 1st day and my account as of today.When my triplers expire, I will receive 2 more Jss positions. For every 4 that expire 1 new Jss position is given. When those positions cycles, 60 additional dollars will be earned.

When the Restart occurred on January 7th,2012. 45 tripler positions were converted to JSS positions.The 45 triplers were converted into 19 JSS positions. I have to admit that I am still confused about the Jss positions and "cycling a Matrix or Matrices. I am currently going through a learning curve.  I'll write a post on it as soon as I learn more.

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With that being said, I know that my income for the triplers is currently $30.60 Dollars a day. If I do not buy more then my daily income will drop to $28.60 dollars. I don't want this to happen, so I will compound the money I have been saving from the triplers to buy at least 11 more today. 

From this point on I will compound 70% of my daily income and take out 30% to use. I was nervous when the restart occurred and did not put more money in until my confidence was back up. This should insure that my daily income not only stays consistent, but increases (with exception of the restarts, which should be less sever in the future, according to Frederick Mann).

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Here is a chart of my current earnings, number of active tripler, and daily income, since the start of 2012. That's all for now. Have a great day.  Let's Eradicate poverty and Build Wealth, Through Financial Education.

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