Sunday, October 16, 2011

One X: Week 4 day 1

Upgraded Member from last Week

This is my 4th Week 1st Day in The One X program. Since last week the problems with the payment system have been corrected. The first member on tier 3 has been upgraded.

George added a new team member our organization.

George added a second team member to our organization.

Yesterday We ran a Pay Per Click Campaign to a landing page for our team. A total of 1000 visitors where sent to our landing page. 3 new members joined our team. When the next 5 members join our team tier 2 will be complete. This Means that every member on tier 1 will have made 20 dollars and be upgraded to a level 2 membership.

Our team objective for next week is to complete Tier 2. Once that is done, we can work with each member on 2 to get 4 people. The Campaign through Click Sense seem to bring in at least 2 people per 1000 who visitor our landing page.

It takes 340 people to fill a 4by4 matrix. We have 16 people on our team and we have 324 people to go. If each person could bring in 4 people, the Matrix would be filled by next week. The Question is how do we accomplish this?

That is all for now. Have a great day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

One X: Week 3

Week 3 day 1

One X is the Feeder Program to QLxchange. I started this program 3 weeks ago. The 1st week 5 people joined our team. In the 2nd week 6 additional members joined our team. This week 1 new member joined our team. He has already paid his 5 dollars, but the One X website has been down since the 5th of October in terms of taking payments. Once the site updates, then the new member to our team will be upgraded.

We have 2 additional members in the system that have not confirmed their memberships. They do not have internet access. The goal was to get them upgraded, but I did not get the job done. The biggest accomplishment for this week, is seeing the 1st member on our team, George, be upgraded to stage 2 on the 1st tier.. If we can have 10 more people join our team, everyone on the 1st tier will be upgraded to stage 2.

The current obstacles that we are facing is waiting for the payment processor to upgraded. According to the website this problem should be corrected between the 12th and the 15th of this month. Our current objective is to complete the 2nd tier in the organization. That is all for now. Have a Great Day. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can You Really Pay Off Your Debts In 4 to 8 Weeks for 5 Dollars?

Getting Started
On September 17, 2011 I saw a program called One X. The Ad said "Learn How to Pay Off Your Debts In 4 to 8 Weeks!" There was also a Recorded Message provided to Explain the Program. 
That Number is (712)432-1085 & the  Pin number 394661#.
 I listened to the information and it explained the program in a short 15 minute message.

After hearing the information, and finding out that the cost was only $5 dollars, I decided to test it out. I have now been in this program for 2 weeks and 2 days.
Week 1
Week 1
In week 1,  5 people joined the OneX program with me. I asked them to listen to the recorded message or watch a video online. If they liked what they heard then I asked them to sign up for 5$. This allowed me to complete "Tier 1" where I earned 20 dollars. I took 10 dollars from my 20 dollars of profit and upgraded to "Tier 2".

Commission History, Click for better view.

Detailed Commission History, Click for better view.
Week 2
In Week 2, 5 more people joined our team. One member of our team signed up 1 and I was able to sign up 4  members. Two of them were actually recruited online by advertising through a site called ClickSense. If all goes well we should sign up at least 3 additional members by next week.
Week 2 day 2
If our team can invite 10 more people to our team on tier 2, then the members on tier 1 will be paid their 20 dollars, and I will have a chance to earn 80 dollars. So far every member of our team on tier 1 has made at least 5$.

In the Next week I would like to complete tier 2, and move to tier 3 where it is possible to earn $640 Dollars. Can this really be done. I Do Not Know, but time will tell. I guess we will see.

If you would like to be member of our team, Enter Your name and email into the Opt-In Box. That is all for now, Have a great day.

Why Click Sense is Making Sense

Click Picture for a better view.
I have been a member of Clicksense since September of last year. Posted above are my ClickSense pay to click stats for the year so far.  When I first went to the site I started clicking on ads to earn extra cash. The advertisements I saw said "Get Paid Every 30 Seconds". When I started Clicking the ads, I found out that you usually got paid 1 cent every 30 seconds. After a while they started offering "mini ads", and "micro ads" which paid less than a penny,and every once in while there are 1 minute ads that pay 2 cent.
As I have said in past articles this is nothing to write home about, which is why I never tried to get referrals for the program. However, I am starting to see the power of clicksense in terms of advertising. For $9.40 you can send between 250 and 5000 visitors to your site in a few hours. I have done this in the past and made a few sales for a couple of programs online. When I did this I never made more than I spent on the advertising.

Two days ago, I purchased 1000 mini ads for $9.40 and sent them to my profit4ward site. I was able to get 6 people to sign up for my list yesterday, and out of the six sign ups, 2 of them signed up for the OneX program earning me 10 dollars.  I was so excited about being able to drive traffic to my site, and build my list. After all, I'm sure have heard, that the money is in the list right. Not only that, I was also able to get sign-ups for OneX and cover the advertising. I have to say that was a great feeling. Below is a picture of my globe showing the traffic as it was occurring.
I look forward to sending another 1000 visitors to my site in the next week to see if the results can be duplicated. If if is possible to duplicate the results, then my first successful Network Marking venture may be born.