Sunday, June 26, 2011

Help Wanted

Zip Nada Zilch and Free Cash Machine.
I made this power point presentation called HELP WANTED today. In these rough economic times I know many are looking for a job. I saw this program and it looks promising. For every referral that signs up for  a free trial offer, the referrer gets 20 dollars. The presentation features two programs which are ZNZ -1 (aka. and Free Cash Machine.

Free Trial Offer
I signed up for a free trial offer by credit It's I 5 day trial period. Because I have done this, I am now qualified to earn 20 dollar payments for every referral that does the same. By doing this a residual  or passive income is not created but it does bring in "Right Now Money!" 

Program to make money online from home.
If I can do this successfully, I can use the funds that I receive from this program to buy stock with will create residual or passive income through dividends. I could also use the money as an incentive for people to join other programs. According to the presentation, this program is a great way to earn money online from home.

Will it work? I guess time will tell. I'll check in next week to update my results.