Sunday, June 26, 2011

From Employee to Entrepreneur.

It was approximately 1 month ago when I launched this blog. My goal is simply to learn apply and practice the principles of wealth and share them with others. Based on what I have learned so far, I know that Wealthy people do 3 things: (1) They buy Assets (things that pay them), (2) The compound the profits (or re-invest the profits), and (3) They create leverage by creating networks (They ask people to join them so they can create further wealth).

This month I purchased 13 shares of stock which created a passive monthly income of $1.44. I will be paid this month on June 29th, 2011. I will purchase a few dividend paying stocks each month and  re-invest the profits. I found this to be easy and it was my fist step to gaining wealth. 

I am also involved in 2 free network marketing programs. So far this month I have made 6.93 dollars form my own efforts. However, that is the problem. It's just me so far. I don't know how to effectively recruit people to my cause. I don't know how to sell. Heck when truth is told, I am afraid to sale and I am afraid not too. While writing this I was just reminded of quote from Kim Kiyosak when she said " When you work a job, you only have one client, which is your Boss." That statement stings me when I think about it because I know I am in danger. If I quit they have 200 more employees. But if they fire me I lose 99% of my income. That is truly terrible.

The question that comes to my mind after pondering that last paragraph is "How do I effectively move from being an Employee to an Entrepreneur?