Saturday, June 4, 2011

Virtual Trading Account- An Investment Lab

Today I opened up a Virtual Account at OptionsXpress. They start you off with virtual account balance of 25,000 dollars. I recommend opening a Virtual Account because you can learn the basics of trading and investing without risking your real money. It's A great Training Ground or Stock Investing lab if you will.

Starting next week, I will start using the strategy of covered calls on the Silver ETF (ticker symbol: SLV) I am excited about doing the covered calls on the SLV because it will provide an opportunity to earn weekly income through the weekly options. If you do not know what a covered call is please read What are Covered Call. While I am building up the balance in my actual account, I will practice my theories in the virtual account.

Robert Kiyosaki has a board game called Cashflow 101. He says the best way to learn a skill if you can not actually do it is to simulate or practice it through games. We learn by hearing, seeing, and/or doing (or Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic learning) Practicing in a Virtual account provides all three types of learning in regard to investing for income.

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That's all for now. Have a Great Day. Let's eradicate poverty and build wealth through financial education.