Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Program Update

It's been 9 days since my last post. At the time of my last post I was monitoring 7 different sites to see how much I was making each day. I knew it was only a few cents a day, but I figured that was better than nothing.

I found that my earnings from people string usually came out to about 1 dollar a month. I also found that the most of the sites paid a dollar each also, outside of the "special bonus offers" they gave as an incentive to sign up.

I came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to make any money on these sites if I could not recruit. However, I as I clicked on the sites I started seeing that most of the Pay To Click (PTC)sites usually paid about 3.3 cent a day. In order to see if I could make more money I signed up for over 30 sites. If each site actually paid 3.3 cent then I could make about 30 dollars a month.

Admittedly that is not a lot of money, but it's 10 times more that I was making before with just a couple of PTC sites. And, more than I was making trying to sell things of the net which was absolutely nothing. Today I want to look at each program I have been using online to make money.

By the end of next month I hope to be able to find the best paying sites and document my progress. Here is an update of the site I viewed last week.

I only made 8 cent in the last week. After day my "People Points" will be cashed in and I will receive a little over a dollar through the ad revenue. 

In the last week I made 1.07 dollars. Clicksense is still one of my favorite sites because it pays on time.

I have been clicking consistently over the last 9 days. I made 34 cent since my last post.

I made 18 cent since my last post with neobux. The pay per click is very low. I have heard that Neobux is one of the longest running and reliable PTC sites, but I am not motivated by it so far.

I have made 3 dollar since my last post. While I have made some money with the site, I have to say I don't like doing surveys. I like the paid emails and video viewing. I will keep testing the site over the next month and check my results before I pass judgement though.

I have been a member of Infinity bux for 12 days. I have made 42 cent since last week. As I mentioned earlier I have joined over 30 pay per click sites now. I am looking for a way to properly document them all. Documenting each the way I am right now is too time consuming.

I liked this site when I started it a week ago. On the 1st day I got 10 emails to read. In the last week I only got a total of 5. I made 10 cent for doing so. The initial 10 dollar fee gets you in, but the low number of ads I am receiving makes me consider getting out. I'll give it 30 days and check my results.


This week has been my most proactive week. By testing out all of these sites I will be able eliminate the low money makers and keep the highest paying ones.