Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Free Programs to make Money Online

Today I want to look at each program I have been using online to make money.

1.) People String

I became a member of people string on July 17th, 2010. So far I have made $32.17. My first payout was in May of this year when I crossed the minimum payout amount of 25 dollars. Each day I do a Google search, check my email, look at a store online, and play a few games. I usually earn a little over a dollar a month on average, but sometimes there are special offers and I earn a little more.

I was able to sign up 2 referrals. The first was my brother, and I had a random sign-up at some point. If I could effectively learn to recruit, I would be able to earn more.

Click Sense is one of my favorite sites. It very clear and straight forward. You view ads and get paid after the clock runs out. I started this site on September 7th, 2010. I made $25.09 in that 10 month period. I had 1 referral in that time. Advertising on this site is very easy. For $9.50 you can send 5000 people to a site of your choice. I sent a lot of people to affiliate sites in the last year. This year I will only send them to sites with my capture page to see if that helps me build a list.

I started Get Bux Today 5 days ago. Pay to Click (PTC) is very easy but it does not pay much if you are doing it solo.  Success in PTC is based on your ability to get sign-ups. I have no sign ups so far, but my goal this year is to learn how to do this effectively.

Not much to report here on Neo Bux. They only pay a fraction of a cent on most clicks. Every once in a while they have a 1 cent ad. I heard of this site for quiet some time now, but I do not see what the big deal is. I'll continue to test it out to see what I can do with it. The same theme seems to run through all of the PTC sites. If you cannot get referrals you will not make much.

Inbox Dollars is total deviation from the PTC sites. It offers more ways to get paid such as: surveys, cash videos, games, shopping, grocery coupons, cash task, referral rewards, reading email and  miscellaneous earnings. Out of all the task I like the cash videos and reading emails. I have never been a big fan of surveys, but they pay none the less. Out of the sites I have recently joined this one pays the most. I have only been a member of this site for 3 days. They start you off with a 5 dollar bonus which is cool though.

I have been a member of Infinity bux for 3 days. My goal for this is site and the others is to be consistent for 30 days and see what results I get.

I just became a member of Hits 4 Pay, today. I have to say I like this one. If the pay is consistent I could see myself promoting this one. They start  you off with a 10 dollar bonus this to sign up. If They continue to send 10 ads per day that would be great.


Everything added together equals $30.25. But means little if you don't continue to do the task until you have reached the payout level.