Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I am Learning from Click Sense.

I have been a part of Click Sense, since September of last year. I have made 25 dollars by clicking ads. I have also advertised through the site. It sends massive traffic to any site for a low fee. However, I recently learned that I have been doing my pay per click all wrong. According to a report I was reading this morning, I should not be sending traffic to affiliate sites like I have been doing. I should be sending traffic to my capture pages so I can build a list.

Once I build a list then I can make offers to that list over long periods of time, rather than just have a one time shot. As I read and learn new information, I apply it to this blog and make corrections over time. Over the last year, I have learned how to create a blog, send traffic to site, do some pay per click, and use a free auto-responder.

I have been testing out People String and Click Sense for over 10 months. I have added 4 more sites to my list over the last 2 days. In the next week, I will create a list of all the sites I have joined, and put them on a capture page. I will run traffic to it to see if my list will actually grow. My auto-responder only holds 200 opt-ins. I would be very happy to get 200 opt-ins.

Sometimes learning how to make money online can seem very overwhelming. When these feeling come on, I just tell myself to be patient and take things one step at a time. Once I compile my list of sites, I will look at the numbers of each and see exactly how much I am making or not making, and make corrections from their.