Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Program Update

It's been 9 days since my last post. At the time of my last post I was monitoring 7 different sites to see how much I was making each day. I knew it was only a few cents a day, but I figured that was better than nothing.

I found that my earnings from people string usually came out to about 1 dollar a month. I also found that the most of the sites paid a dollar each also, outside of the "special bonus offers" they gave as an incentive to sign up.

I came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to make any money on these sites if I could not recruit. However, I as I clicked on the sites I started seeing that most of the Pay To Click (PTC)sites usually paid about 3.3 cent a day. In order to see if I could make more money I signed up for over 30 sites. If each site actually paid 3.3 cent then I could make about 30 dollars a month.

Admittedly that is not a lot of money, but it's 10 times more that I was making before with just a couple of PTC sites. And, more than I was making trying to sell things of the net which was absolutely nothing. Today I want to look at each program I have been using online to make money.

By the end of next month I hope to be able to find the best paying sites and document my progress. Here is an update of the site I viewed last week.

I only made 8 cent in the last week. After day my "People Points" will be cashed in and I will receive a little over a dollar through the ad revenue. 

In the last week I made 1.07 dollars. Clicksense is still one of my favorite sites because it pays on time.

I have been clicking consistently over the last 9 days. I made 34 cent since my last post.

I made 18 cent since my last post with neobux. The pay per click is very low. I have heard that Neobux is one of the longest running and reliable PTC sites, but I am not motivated by it so far.

I have made 3 dollar since my last post. While I have made some money with the site, I have to say I don't like doing surveys. I like the paid emails and video viewing. I will keep testing the site over the next month and check my results before I pass judgement though.

I have been a member of Infinity bux for 12 days. I have made 42 cent since last week. As I mentioned earlier I have joined over 30 pay per click sites now. I am looking for a way to properly document them all. Documenting each the way I am right now is too time consuming.

I liked this site when I started it a week ago. On the 1st day I got 10 emails to read. In the last week I only got a total of 5. I made 10 cent for doing so. The initial 10 dollar fee gets you in, but the low number of ads I am receiving makes me consider getting out. I'll give it 30 days and check my results.


This week has been my most proactive week. By testing out all of these sites I will be able eliminate the low money makers and keep the highest paying ones.

Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Free Programs to make Money Online

Today I want to look at each program I have been using online to make money.

1.) People String

I became a member of people string on July 17th, 2010. So far I have made $32.17. My first payout was in May of this year when I crossed the minimum payout amount of 25 dollars. Each day I do a Google search, check my email, look at a store online, and play a few games. I usually earn a little over a dollar a month on average, but sometimes there are special offers and I earn a little more.

I was able to sign up 2 referrals. The first was my brother, and I had a random sign-up at some point. If I could effectively learn to recruit, I would be able to earn more.

Click Sense is one of my favorite sites. It very clear and straight forward. You view ads and get paid after the clock runs out. I started this site on September 7th, 2010. I made $25.09 in that 10 month period. I had 1 referral in that time. Advertising on this site is very easy. For $9.50 you can send 5000 people to a site of your choice. I sent a lot of people to affiliate sites in the last year. This year I will only send them to sites with my capture page to see if that helps me build a list.

I started Get Bux Today 5 days ago. Pay to Click (PTC) is very easy but it does not pay much if you are doing it solo.  Success in PTC is based on your ability to get sign-ups. I have no sign ups so far, but my goal this year is to learn how to do this effectively.

Not much to report here on Neo Bux. They only pay a fraction of a cent on most clicks. Every once in a while they have a 1 cent ad. I heard of this site for quiet some time now, but I do not see what the big deal is. I'll continue to test it out to see what I can do with it. The same theme seems to run through all of the PTC sites. If you cannot get referrals you will not make much.

Inbox Dollars is total deviation from the PTC sites. It offers more ways to get paid such as: surveys, cash videos, games, shopping, grocery coupons, cash task, referral rewards, reading email and  miscellaneous earnings. Out of all the task I like the cash videos and reading emails. I have never been a big fan of surveys, but they pay none the less. Out of the sites I have recently joined this one pays the most. I have only been a member of this site for 3 days. They start you off with a 5 dollar bonus which is cool though.

I have been a member of Infinity bux for 3 days. My goal for this is site and the others is to be consistent for 30 days and see what results I get.

I just became a member of Hits 4 Pay, today. I have to say I like this one. If the pay is consistent I could see myself promoting this one. They start  you off with a 10 dollar bonus this to sign up. If They continue to send 10 ads per day that would be great.


Everything added together equals $30.25. But means little if you don't continue to do the task until you have reached the payout level.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Pay To Click Sites (PTC)

In my post yesterday, I said I will compile a list of the sites I am using to earn money. Here is the list. My next project will be to take screen shots of each, and monitor the progress in each over time.

Free Sites that Earn Money.

1.) People String

2.) Click Senses

3.) Get Bux Today 

4.) Neo Bux 

5.) Inbox Dollars

6.) Infinity Bux 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I am Learning from Click Sense.

I have been a part of Click Sense, since September of last year. I have made 25 dollars by clicking ads. I have also advertised through the site. It sends massive traffic to any site for a low fee. However, I recently learned that I have been doing my pay per click all wrong. According to a report I was reading this morning, I should not be sending traffic to affiliate sites like I have been doing. I should be sending traffic to my capture pages so I can build a list.

Once I build a list then I can make offers to that list over long periods of time, rather than just have a one time shot. As I read and learn new information, I apply it to this blog and make corrections over time. Over the last year, I have learned how to create a blog, send traffic to site, do some pay per click, and use a free auto-responder.

I have been testing out People String and Click Sense for over 10 months. I have added 4 more sites to my list over the last 2 days. In the next week, I will create a list of all the sites I have joined, and put them on a capture page. I will run traffic to it to see if my list will actually grow. My auto-responder only holds 200 opt-ins. I would be very happy to get 200 opt-ins.

Sometimes learning how to make money online can seem very overwhelming. When these feeling come on, I just tell myself to be patient and take things one step at a time. Once I compile my list of sites, I will look at the numbers of each and see exactly how much I am making or not making, and make corrections from their.

1 Year with People String

I started People String 1 year and 2 days ago. I signed up because it was free and they pay you part of the ad revenue. Below is a picture of my earnings from the beginning of July to today. I have earned $1.95 this month.

My last payout was in May when I crossed the payout threshold of $25. I have earned $32.11 dollar in lifetime earnings so far. I have $6.74 as my current earnings. Overall I average about $2.67 per month just by clicking on adds, doing Google Searches, Shopping online, and playing games. I have never actively recruited for this company because I wan not sure if it would be worth it. But if you are consistent the pennies start to add up. If I can effectively build a team, the numbers could start to grow over time. For the rest of this year I would like to see if I can recruit to the free programs I am doing, and eventually build an investment team.  Time will tell how this works out.

Doing what the Rich Do- So I can have what the Rich Have.

I started this blog on May 30th, 2011. My goal for writing this blog is to learn apply and practice principles of wealth an share them with others. Based on my understanding of how to be wealthy, I need to do 3 things: (1) Buy things that pay me, (2) Re-invest my profits, and (3) form a network.

I have successfully completed parts 1 and 2, but I am having difficultly with part number 3. So far I have not been able to form a group and duplicate.

Below is a Snap Shot of my Account at Options Xpress as of Today

In May I was able to purchase 1 share of Microsoft, and 5 shares of ARR. This created a month income from dividends of 60 cent. In June I purchased 7 more share of ARR which increased my dividend income from 60 cent to $1.44. The dividend income was automatically re-invested into a dividend re-investment program (a.k.a "DRIP".) The DRIP purchased .2 shares of ARR giving me a total of 12.2 shares of the stock. This Also increased my monthly dividend income from 1.44 to 1.45. Even though it was just a one penny increase I was encouraged to know that it was working.

In July I purchased 5 more shares of ARR. I have now acquired 17.2 shares of the stock. My dividend income has now increased from $1.45 up to $2.04. If I can get the income above $2.56 I will have taken out target 9 of my 20 step plan.

The hardest part about investing is dealing with commissions. Every time I purchase a stock a 10 dollar commission is paid. So far I have made 4 purchases, and, I have lost 40 dollars in commission transactions. In order to overcome the challenge of dealing with the commissions, I will have to complete step 11 of my 20 step plan. At that time I will covering the commission cost through dividends.

This is slow, but it is working.