Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 67 JSS-Tripler Review: Quick Check In

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Yesterday, I purchased 440 dollars worth of JSS-Tripler positions. This gave me a total of 44 new positions. Before purchasing the new positions, I was earning $14 dollars in daily income. Tomorrow my daily income will rise to $22.80 dollars with the 114 JSS-Tripler positions I have acquired.

Tomorrow I will have earned a little over $900.00 dollars to close out January 2012. If this continues, I will have made my 1st 1000 dollars online within the next week. MAN THAT EXCITING!!!!

This program puts money in your pocket everyday. While sponsoring or referring are not required, I have even found that to be easy with this program. I have 74 referrals that opted-in to JBP. 24 of the 74 signed up for JSS-Tripler. And 17 out of the 24 are making money. The people who did not make money, did not follow the simple steps to get the money.

If you would like to get started. Simply 
Opt-in and follow the 10 steps found in the guide located in the right column.

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