Monday, January 30, 2012

JSS-Tripler : Stages of Grief And the RESTART Hit?

Taking a Hit From the Restart 
It has been 23 days since the Re-Start at JBP/JSS-Tripler. It has been a shock getting use to it, but now I am finally moving on. On January 6, 2012 I went to sleep with 113 positions, expecting to earn $22.60 as my daily payment.

Unfortunately, I woke up with 69 positions and $13.60 in my account. My daily income had dropped by 40%. As I stated before,  I was shocked. Over the next 2 weeks I went through the 5 stages of grief over the loss of my Jss-Tripler positions (Denial, Depression, Bargaining, Anger, and finally Acceptance).

45 of the positions had been taken away and exchanged for 19 Jss positions. In stead of earning daily income, I was given a future promise of 60 dollars for each JSS position that "cycled".

I could not believe it. I went to the conference filled to capacity because many members in JBP were caught off guard by the restart also. I did not want to believe that my income went down when It had consistently increased since I had started.

The restart hurt. I was starting to count on that money to pay off some bill for the month. Now I would not make some of my financial obligations and was stressed. At that point I did not purchase anything else. I was also scared that the program might fold like other HYIP's I had been in.

My feeling of being hurt and scared quickly turned to Anger. I wanted my money back. I start looking in the conference room for answers. Many people where also angry and making harsh comments as moderators in room took on a continuous barrage of coments. I went to a Facebook page to see what other members were saying. Many were calling it a SCAM. Other comments are too ugly to mention.

I looked at Frequently asked questions, which said that restarts took place every 6 to 12 months. Only 4 months had passed, so clearly this could not be right. The response of many people I saw was how "This is not F%$King Fair!" or how "This ain't right." All the bargaining in the world was not going to change the fact that a restart had occurred.

In fact, all the previous stages of Grief did nothing to help the situation get better. I was on a conference call with Frederick Mann the owner and creator of the program. He recommended that we overcome our fears, and "Upgrade our Brains."

I took his advice to heart. I asked myself "What do I need to do to correct the situation?" The answer was learn how to sponsor, learn about the new JSS positions I was to obtain from the restart, and gather information from people who had gone through the first restart.

Since that time I have gone from 22 referrals to 73, I found that I would have to buy "Placements and Premiums" for my positions to get paid in 14 to 30 days, and , that people had the same experience in the 1st restart.

As of today, I still have not been paid for any of my Jss positions, but I have been told that they will cycle and pay out within the next month. I took the daily earnings I had been saving a purchased additional Jss-Tripler positions.

The great thing about this is that the program is still here, and that it has paid everyday. Additionally, my daily income level has also been recovered. I'm taking the time to write this post because there will be more restarts in the future, and it may help someone deal with the situation in the future.

That's all for now, have a great day. Let's Eradicate poverty and Build Wealth Through Financial Education.Please Leave any Comments or Questions Below.