Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can You Really Pay Off Your Debts In 4 to 8 Weeks for 5 Dollars?

Getting Started
On September 17, 2011 I saw a program called One X. The Ad said "Learn How to Pay Off Your Debts In 4 to 8 Weeks!" There was also a Recorded Message provided to Explain the Program. 
That Number is (712)432-1085 & the  Pin number 394661#.
 I listened to the information and it explained the program in a short 15 minute message.

After hearing the information, and finding out that the cost was only $5 dollars, I decided to test it out. I have now been in this program for 2 weeks and 2 days.
Week 1
Week 1
In week 1,  5 people joined the OneX program with me. I asked them to listen to the recorded message or watch a video online. If they liked what they heard then I asked them to sign up for 5$. This allowed me to complete "Tier 1" where I earned 20 dollars. I took 10 dollars from my 20 dollars of profit and upgraded to "Tier 2".

Commission History, Click for better view.

Detailed Commission History, Click for better view.
Week 2
In Week 2, 5 more people joined our team. One member of our team signed up 1 and I was able to sign up 4  members. Two of them were actually recruited online by advertising through a site called ClickSense. If all goes well we should sign up at least 3 additional members by next week.
Week 2 day 2
If our team can invite 10 more people to our team on tier 2, then the members on tier 1 will be paid their 20 dollars, and I will have a chance to earn 80 dollars. So far every member of our team on tier 1 has made at least 5$.

In the Next week I would like to complete tier 2, and move to tier 3 where it is possible to earn $640 Dollars. Can this really be done. I Do Not Know, but time will tell. I guess we will see.

If you would like to be member of our team, Enter Your name and email into the Opt-In Box. That is all for now, Have a great day.