Sunday, October 16, 2011

One X: Week 4 day 1

Upgraded Member from last Week

This is my 4th Week 1st Day in The One X program. Since last week the problems with the payment system have been corrected. The first member on tier 3 has been upgraded.

George added a new team member our organization.

George added a second team member to our organization.

Yesterday We ran a Pay Per Click Campaign to a landing page for our team. A total of 1000 visitors where sent to our landing page. 3 new members joined our team. When the next 5 members join our team tier 2 will be complete. This Means that every member on tier 1 will have made 20 dollars and be upgraded to a level 2 membership.

Our team objective for next week is to complete Tier 2. Once that is done, we can work with each member on 2 to get 4 people. The Campaign through Click Sense seem to bring in at least 2 people per 1000 who visitor our landing page.

It takes 340 people to fill a 4by4 matrix. We have 16 people on our team and we have 324 people to go. If each person could bring in 4 people, the Matrix would be filled by next week. The Question is how do we accomplish this?

That is all for now. Have a great day.