Sunday, October 9, 2011

One X: Week 3

Week 3 day 1

One X is the Feeder Program to QLxchange. I started this program 3 weeks ago. The 1st week 5 people joined our team. In the 2nd week 6 additional members joined our team. This week 1 new member joined our team. He has already paid his 5 dollars, but the One X website has been down since the 5th of October in terms of taking payments. Once the site updates, then the new member to our team will be upgraded.

We have 2 additional members in the system that have not confirmed their memberships. They do not have internet access. The goal was to get them upgraded, but I did not get the job done. The biggest accomplishment for this week, is seeing the 1st member on our team, George, be upgraded to stage 2 on the 1st tier.. If we can have 10 more people join our team, everyone on the 1st tier will be upgraded to stage 2.

The current obstacles that we are facing is waiting for the payment processor to upgraded. According to the website this problem should be corrected between the 12th and the 15th of this month. Our current objective is to complete the 2nd tier in the organization. That is all for now. Have a Great Day.