Friday, September 9, 2011

Sacred Cow 10 of 11 - Gold vs the US Dollar

Gold vs. The US Dollar from Rich Dad on Vimeo.

Grunch of Giants

I learn more and more each day. I did not know that Buckminster Fuller aka "Bucky" was Robert Kiyosaki's mentor, but now that I know it does not surprise me. In knew was a great inventor and architect, but I did not know that he was the one defined wealth not in terms of a dollar amount but in terms of time. Wealth is the amount of time a person can maintain there current lifestyle without having to work.

That one concept is completely "Outside The Box Thinking" in my opinion. I am truly grateful to all the teachers both past and present who have put forth information to help Eradicate poverty and Build Wealth, through Financial Education.

While it's odd to see Robert laugh as he talks about how people are getting ripped off in this day and age - I also find it empowering becasue awareness is created which allows us to take action to protect ourselves. Rather than, stick our head in the sand and hide in Fear.

Sometimes when I look at the power to the people and institutions using our ignorance agaist us, I wonder if it is really possible to Eradicate poverty and Build Weatlh, through Financial Education? What do you Think?

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