Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sacred Cow 2 of 11 - Get a Job

Get a Job from Rich Dad on Vimeo.

As I watched this video, I felt like it was telling the story of my life. It was not only telling the story of my life, it was and is telling the current and future story of most of my acquaintances also. All of my life when problems come up the 1st thing I hear people shout is "Get a Job!"

Once you have the job you are stuck in a continual cycle of trading time for money. The scientific name for the this cycle is called "The Rat Race", and, before you know it that JOB (Just over broke or Journey On the way to Brokenness) has left you old tired and broke.

The Rat Race

The most enlightening part of the video to me was when one of the RichDad advisers says that a safe secure job is an illusion and turns out to be the most unsafe action you can take. He follows up by saying  that if you have a job you only have one client which is your BOSS. For some reason that statement hit me like a brick. No wonder I live in fear just working 1 JOB. My "BOSS" can change my entire life with 3 words...

WOWSERS !   If you have a JOB you only have ONE client which is your BOSS. That comment is so important I will state it at least one more time before I end this post. Just hearing it makes want to go and find a product or service that I can offer to others having 1 CLIENT (your BOSS) is such a scary proposition.

Having a JOB is an old way of thinking.

When I run groups with the kids that I work with, I always tell them that "The Past is not Your Potential!"

I am use to being an EMPLOYEE (E) at a JOB.

I must break this mindset and find a way to effectively be in the BIG BUSINESS (B) and INVESTOR (I) SIDE.

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