Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clicksense Paid Member Year 1

I have been a Paid Member of Click Sense for 1 year as of  Today. ClixSense was the 1st form of income I ever earned online. You simply go to the site and sign up for free. When you click on ads and view them you get paid.

As a Free member I made about 3 cent a day or about 1 dollar a month. While it was just pocket change. It was good start. The only way to increase earnings with Click sense is to upgrade and refer others.

I upgraded on November 29th, 2011. When you upgrade you get 100 ads to click as a bonus, and you earn an average of $2.34 cent per month. Below is a picture of my Clicksense pay history since I started. I have also added the Pay to Click history year to date.

Recently when my clicks equal $2.40 or more, I have been using the balance to send 1000 visitors to sites that I promote. I plan on using the site to promote other programs in the next year. Click Here to join or advertise.