Friday, November 25, 2011

Just Been Paid or Just Been Played?

I was talking to a person named Nathaniel on a forum the other day. He said he had a program that paid 2% per day or 60% per month for each 10 dollar position purchased.. That instantly caught my attention because I am currently making approximately 1.5% per month or 18% per year on my stock holdings with Amour Residential REIT(Ticker symbol:ARR).

He also said he did it without having to worry about all of the ups and downs of the stock market. Based on my recent experience with Binary Options, he had no idea how much what he was saying resonated with me considering that fiasco.

I knew that income investing through dividends paid on time an consistently. The problem is that the process is so slow. It took me 5 months just to build an income of 11 dollars per month. The problem is that when unexpected problems occur I end up having to sale my assets to deal with the current problem and I end up killing my long term income.

If I could get a higher rate of return then maybe I could correct that pattern of behavior by being able to deal with the short term problem and grow my long term income. With that in mind I purchased 10 positions with Just Been Paid (JBP-also known as JSS-Tripler) for 100 dollars.

By purchasing the positions an income of 2 dollars a day or 60 dollars a month should be created. I purchased those shares yesterday. I received 2 dollars in my account today. I like this program because you can withdraw the payments daily, or re-invest  the payments to compound your earning by purchasing more positions.

It took 5 months and 700 dollars to buy 100 shares of ARR, which created a monthly income $11 dollars per month. With JBP it appears that I now have a positive monthly cash flow of 60 dollars.

My fear is that the company will not be able to sustain the payments or that it will fold up and disappear along with the money I have invested. I have seen this happen several times with HYIP's and Cycler programs.

If I could create a positive monthly cash flow of just 1000 dollars a month, that would take away a lot of financial worry. With 1800 dollars per month, financial independence would be created. Anything above that would be a lifestyle upgrade.

When I started this blog my philosophy was "Test every thing and hold on to the good." I have been doing that and failed many times. So far dividend paying stocks are the only method I have found to be effective.

I hope Just Been Paid will pass being tested and prove to be another method I can hold onto rather than be discarded. While I know that one often has to fail before they succeed, the process can make you feel like the guy below.

Today stands as the 1st day of the test and it has passed. I earned 2 dollars as shown in the screen shots below.
1st Full Day with JBP

10 positions Purchased day 1.