Saturday, November 5, 2011

Targets 1 through 11 Taken Out

In one of my first post called The Model, I used an example of compounding a penny everyday for 20 days, as a model. Each day was used as targets to hit in my investing. It has taken 6 months to hit targets 1 though 11.

Below is a report I wrote showing my progress in building passive income.

When target 18 is acquired, I will have reached a personal level of financial independence. Any additional targets that are achieved beyond that would be a life style upgrade.

Here are the targets that were set. The numbers in green show the targets that have been hit. The number in orange is my next target, and the numbers in red are future targets.

# of Days 1 Penny Compounded Daily
Day 1 ------------------------------>$0.01
Day 2------------------------------> $0.02
Day 3 ------------------------------>$0.04
Day 4------------------------------> $0.08
Day 5 ------------------------------>$0.16
Day 6 ------------------------------>$0.32
Day 7 ------------------------------>$0.64
Day 8 ------------------------------>$1.28
Day 9 ------------------------------>$2.56
Day 10 ------------------------------>$5.12
Day 11------------------------------> $10.24
Day 12 ------------------------------>$20.48
Day 13 ------------------------------>$40.96
Day 14 ------------------------------>$81.92
Day 15 ------------------------------>$163.84
Day 16 ------------------------------>$327.68
Day 17 ------------------------------>$655.36
Day 18 ------------------------------>$1,310.72
Day 19 ------------------------------>$2,621.44
Day 20------------------------------> $5,242.88

It is truly amazing to look back at ones actions over time when guided by a plan and see it start to manifest before you.  It was not until today when I sat down and looked at my original plans that I saw that I have made far more progress than I thought.

I have often been side tracked by other "Opportunities", but the plan that I originally set seems to be coming true. I have no idea how to long it will take to reach target 18 or higher, but I will continue to take it step by step.

If I have actually applied this to a penny and hit the 1st 11 targets, could it actually be done asking a person to join the team for 1 dollar? Building that would be life changing. Time will Tell