Friday, November 25, 2011

Passive Income Up or Down - That is the Question?

I started this this Blog on May 30, 2011. My goal is build a passive income or positive cash flow 1000 dollars or greater, by learning applying and practicing the principles of wealth I found in the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series written by Robert Kiyosaki.

I am at a cross roads right now. If JBP/JSS Tripler is a success my passive income will rise from 11 dollars this month to $60.27 in December.

If it does not work out my passive income will drop from 11 dollars per month to $0.27.  This will almost be like starting over. I

My original plan was to use the compounding model of a penny. If it could actually be done 18 to 20 times the average person would financially free, with anything beyond that upgrading their lifestyle. Last month by increasing my cash flow to 11 dollars I hit the 11th out of 20 targets. If the JSS Tripler works then the 13 of 20 targets will be achieved. If not then I'll be knocked back between the 5th and 6th targets again.