Monday, November 14, 2011

How Do You Set Up Your Blog To Build Your List?

I have been doing research on how to make money Blogging. The Picture above shows a 3 step process for marketing and making money online: (1) Find large groups of people with a specific interest, (2) Recommend a specific product relating to their specific interest, and, (3) Sit back and receive generous commissions. Easy Right?

Yeah Right! The picture is simple, but the process is not easy.

Everyday people get on the opportunity treadmill, and everyday people fall off.

The problem is no one tells you exactly how to do it. In most of the articles I have read they give vague information, but never tell the process to actually help you to achieve your objective. This is how I started to build a list with this blog.

 Based on my understanding, this is the process. Set up a Blog, drive traffic to the blog, and, offer a free gift so people will "Opt-in" to your list. Once they "Opt-In" send them to a Thank you page.  The thank you page is where the reader will be given the free gift that they opted in for.  Now that the person has joined your list, you are building the foundation of an online business. This is why you always hear the term "The Money  Is In The List!"

Blog Set up
I started my blog here at This was easy and free.

Driving Traffic
My favorite site for driving traffic to my site is Clicksense. For 10 dollars you can send between 1000 and 5000 people to your site. I have heard that it is possible to get free traffic to your site from social networks like Facebook, and Twitter, but I have not  had as much success with those methods as I have with Clicksense.

Free Gift
I offer 6 free e-books or reports on wealth building. I turn power point presentations into PDF files. Next I upload them to, and  embed them to my thank you page. When a visitor subscribes, They are taken to my thank you page were they can see the 6 reports. If a visitor wants a copy of then they can download them at

On a side note, you can create both thank pages and landing pages on also. I found a video that shows how to do this on You Tube. Click Here to view it.  I used this video to create a landing page to promote programs that I like. To see an example go to

The Opt-in box on this page was created at  It's free. You can set up the look of your opt-in box at the site and it will create HTML code that can be placed on blogger. Once you put the code on your site, you can begin to build your list.

The weakness of Email form is that it does not have an auto response system. The strength is that you can get if for free. I have heard that there is another site called mail chimp that is free and provides an auto response system. I'll report on that when I have more information.

When I started this blog back in May of this year, my objective was to learn, apply and practice wealth principle and share them with others. In testing various methods of making money and building wealth, the information provided in this post is what I have put the the test, found to be good, and held on too.

I hope you find this to be helpful, have a great day. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box below.