Friday, November 18, 2011

Kiyosaki Criticism

Today I went to Wikipedia to do some research on Robert Kiyosaki.  I read his Bio and looked at all the books he has written on personal finance.  Before reading the information posted on him I believed he was the most important personal financial writer of our time.  Did this criticism change my mind? I’ll get to hat in a minute.
Here is the Criticism that was put forth. 
ABC ran a 20/20 segment on May 19, 2006 in which Kiyosaki was to advise three entrepreneurs on how to make money. They were given $1000 and 20 days to try and make the most money possible. One earned a return of 24%, the second earned a return of 54% and gave it all to charity, and the third lost 100% because she invested in machines that could not be delivered in 20 days. The contestants alleged that Kiyosaki never gave concrete advice. "All he [Kiyosaki] does is, I guess, is open your mind to the possibility. He doesn't tell you how to do it." Kiyosaki responded that failure is important to learning. At the end, 20/20 asks, "Does anyone really need 18 books to learn to fail?"[1]
Did reading that information on Robert Kiyosaki, change my opinion of him? Absolutely... NOT. If anything it strengthened my resolve. I don't like making mistakes or failing. I have been writing this blog since May 30th, 2011, and I still have not monetized it. But each day that I write, and test different ventures I learn from my actions, and make corrections to do better next time.
In working to build wealth through financial education, I have come to understand that getting an academic or theoretical understanding of making money and not acting on it is just as bad as never taking action at all.

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