Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From Pennies to Dollars

 I have officially been blogging for 6 months now. I started this blog on May 30th, 2011. While money is not raining out of the sky as show in the picture above, money is starting to come in now.

I started with the smallest goal possible. I just wanted to earn 1 cent a month. After 6 months of writing I have found 2 ways to earn passive income. The first was by purchasing stocks that paid dividends. While, the second was joining the JSS Tripler program  Yesterday I received 11 in dividends form my stock purchase which was automatically re-invested.  This takes a lot of patience, but it is slow and steady. And, it works. I think it is a great way for one to grow income over time.

What I am most excited about is learning how to earn 2% a day or 60% a month on the money Invest the in JSS-Tripler (aka - JSS3) program. My biggest problem online was learning how recruit or effectively promote.  JSS3 gave me a peace of mind because I did not have to. If I am totally ineffective at promoting, I can still make passive income.  Today is the sixth day I have been in the JSS Tripler program. Yesterday I purchased 2 additional positions in JSS3. This raised my daily income $2.00 to $2.40.

Today, I transferred  more money to my account so I could buy additional positions by Friday of this week. If all goes well, My income should rise from $2.40 to at least $4.40 a day. That is $132 dollars a month. Not bad considering I started with a simple of goal or just earning 1 penny a month.

If you are interested in joining the JSS Tripler program for free to see if it is for you please click the banner below