Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 16 JSS-Tripler Review: Now Making 11 Dollars a Day!

Today my daily income rose from $10.80 dollars to $11.00. That is $330 per month. That is over 1 weeks worth of pay at my part-time job. If I can  increase the daily earnings to $33.00 dollars a day, I would match the income from my part-time job.

My goal for next week is to raise my daily income from $11.00 to at least $12.00 by Saturday of next week. Today I did not purchase a new position in JSS-Tripler. I plan on withdrawing an additional 25 dollars. That will be a total of 45.05 dollars that I have taken out. In the next week I plan on purchasing positions each day.

Here is my daily update on the Just Been Paid/ JSS-Tripler program. The graph shows my progress and I have also added the daily account activity.

JSS-Tripler is proving itself to be an outstanding program. If you are interested in earning money online Click Here to join for free and learn more about the program. If you like it pay just 10 dollars and start earning money on a daily basis.

That's all for now. Have a great day. Let's Eradicate poverty and Build Wealth, Through Financial Education.