Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 8 JSS-Tripler

Today is my 8th Day in JSS Tripler. This is the best program I have ever  been involved with. Yesterday I increased my # of positions  in JSS Tripler from 12 positions to 22 positions. This increased my daily income from 2.40 dollars to 4.40 dollars.

Today I purchased 28 more shares giving me a total of 50 positions. This increased the daily income I am earning from 4.40 dollars a day  to 10 dollars a day.  In the chart above you can see that I only earned 4.40 dollars today. But, the new positions that I own will be added to the positions I have already acquired tomorrow for the first daily payout of 10 dollars. It is the 1st program I have joined and made more than couple of dollars a month without recruiting, sponsoring, or referring.

The funny thing is... now that I am actually earning money, I want to tell others. Man, that's EXCITING!!!!

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So far I have 50 positions, I've made 29$, and I am earning 10 dollars a day. All of this in just 8 days. Here is my account activity since I started.

That is all I have for Today. I hope you make it a great day. Let's Eradicate poverty and Build Wealth through Financial Education.